November 6, 2017 - "What IS a Sexologist?

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce presents an introductory FREE Seminar sharing her path to becoming a Board Certified, Holistic Clinical Sexologist and what that all means for you and our community.

There are many myths and misconceptions about the field of Sexology.  Dr. Nancy will be dispelling these myths and providing new perspectives about this profession and how it's being used to help people live their finest lives.

She will be sharing stories about her work in China (3 trips), with women, men, and couples around the globe.  

This will be a casual meet and greet - come, enjoy a glass of wine (or nonalcoholic beverage) and appetizers and find out how having a professional Sexologist can empower women and lift up men, so both can enjoy a healthy, happy, fulfilling intimate life if they so desire.

If the interest is there, Dr. Nancy plans to offer a series of WOMEN'S NIGHT OUT inspirational and education seminars on

  • Empowerment
  • Self Esteem; Confidence in the bedroom to the boardroom
  • Asking for What You Desire
  • Negotiating Sex Drive Imbalances
  • Sexy Doesn't Have An Expiration Date
  • How to Talk To Your Kids About Sex
  • Why Is Intimacy So Important?
  • Sexual Healing - After trauma, abstinence, illness, etc.
  • More Topics...
If the women love these, I have plans for MEN'S NIGHT OUT and COUPLE'S INTIMACY RETREATS.

But One step at a time.... Let's see who shows up for this first event.