Join Us For An Evening Of Empowering Celebration!
Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce Presents…


This is the first TOPIC in a Sexy Seminar Series, “SACRED SEXUALITY”

The first event was sold out with a wait list. SO we are doing an ENCORE LADIES NIGHT for all the beautiful, powerful, loving, brilliant Goddesses who couldn’t make it, or want to come for an improved version.

OUR SPONSORS:  Armando’s Gallery House, Glamourpuss Pin Up Studio, GILD Beauty Bar, Jayme Dee Skin Care , Linda Bott, Lin Moss, Alexis Asbe, & Rebekah Larobardiere Present…



This is the first topic in a Sexy Seminar Series, “CONSCIOUS LIVING SEXUALITY”.

Tonight is about celebrating women – the Goddess – and the source from which we all arrived, the Yoni. Yoni is an ancient meaning “The Source of Life”. The word describes the female genitalia; the vulva, which includes the vagina, but does not translate to only vagina. There is so much more to the Yoni than simply a vagina.

We will give your Yoni a voice this night. We’ll hear their stories, fears, triumphs, sufferings, blessings, pleasures and pains – most importantly we will learn of the power and capacity to give us ultimate pleasures throughout our lives.

Dr. Nancy’s presentation will inspire, educate, inform and awaken your curiosity about your own sexual energy & birthright to pleasure. Each table will have a “question cue” where you can anonymously ask your most personal questions. Every question will undoubtedly benefit other women around you.

There will be a raffle drawing for sexy gifts and prizes. Each paid guest will receive 5 complimentary tickets. Additional tickets will be available for purchase on site with 100% of ticket sales proceeds donate to 

DISCLAIMER: This evening serves to empower women. If your teenager is mature and you are comfortable sharing personal information in her presence, please include her. Otherwise invite your closest girlfriends, your mom, or any woman you know who might enjoy living her life with a little more zest and personal freedom to enjoy all aspects of her life, including her sexuality.

A NOTE FROM Dr. Nancy:
I am so excited about bringing the work I’ve been doing globally now to the women and men in Redding.

OPPORTUNITY TO BE A PART OF THE AWAKENING MOVEMENT! Women owned business’s who would like to sponsor this night with a small gift for the guests, a contribution to the Raffle, as well as marketing help we please join us. If you know of anyone, please send them my way.

I do hope to see you there! It would be such a honor.
Keeping Life Spicy,

Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce brings a refreshingly positive and practical (along with a touch of naughty fun) approach to our intimate relationships. 

She adds the elements of tantra, couples yoga, conscious communication, intimate bonding, and more to help you find your heart’s desire, communicate that to yourself and your partner, and create the life and love you desire.

Her background, experience, attitudes and beliefs make her the one to teach such a tender topic.  She is highly professional yet adds an element of realism and down to earth language making everyone feel instantly comfortable with the topics of sex. love, lust and navigating relationships.

Watch for the upcoming series starting for women, men, couples and singles to help find what you seek in the healthiest and most satisfactory ways possible.

  Contact Dr. Nancy if you are interested in learning more in a group or through private counseling. 

Dr. Nancy and her husband Dr. Mark have been together for over 30 years and married since 1993.  They have raised three kids well into adulthood and now enjoy, what they refer to as, “the dessert of parenting.”  Together they teach the couples classes and retreats, sharing not only the science & biology of love and attraction, but the practical “walking the talk” tools, skills & attitudes they’ve learned work for them. 

Both Sensual Yoga Therapists, they will teach you how to relate to your partner in ways that keep the love strong and connected.  They are passionate about each other and about helping others find the best path for their own designer relationship.

Dr. Nancy teaches internationally to women, men and couples about healthy, satisfying sexuality and intimate relationships.  Her  “Keeping Love Hot for the Long Haul” has been a hit in many countries, helping others stay hot for each other around the globe. 

Dr. Nancy is excitedly planning to offer a NorCal “Date Night”, and a weekend ‘Couples Intimacy Retreat”. 

If you would like to be on the mailing list for either or both please contact Dr. Nancy today!