Dr. Nancy is available to present at your next Conference, Board Meeting, Adults Only Events and Cruises, Retreat, Parent Meeting, Teen Empowerment Event, Medical Staff Meeting, etc. 

Her topics are easily tailored to each audience to maintain a respectful presentation every audience will learn from and enjoy.  Dr. Nancy is all about empowering her clients and audience to live their finest lives through their own authentic design.


SEMINAR & PLAYSHOP DescriptionCouplesSinglesMixed WomenMenTeens
After an AffairHealing & honoring the process.  How to use the affair to grow your intimacy and deepen your bond.  
Am I Normal?Where do we get the messages about “normal”?. Unravel and Reconnect to what is best for YOU
Ask for What You DesireHow to know, create a safe space, then present, your deepest desires.
Children’s Sexual RightsChildren are really “Adults In Training”. Empower your kids to make the best decisions for them.
ConsentIt sounds simple, yet miscommunications still occur.  Practice and get comfortable with your Yes’s and No’s.
Designer RelationshipsConsensual Monogamy and Consensual nonmonogamy.  Are we making conscious agreements?
Fifty Shades of FunWhat is BDSM?  How you Can Use to enhance communication and sexual connections. 
Hormonal Beer GogglesWhat is love?  What are we feeling in those early months of a new relationship?  See inside the brain for deeper understanding as to why it’s good to wait to make big decisions too early!
Hot for the Long HaulLearn the secrets for keeping your love hot and spicy 30, 40, 50 or more years! 
How Porn Can Work For YouUsing Porn for Entertainment VS Education and how it can enhance your sex life. 
Human Sexual RightsA Compassionate Perspective of Our Sexual Rights
Intimacy & CommunicationHow to express and accept each other’s wants, needs and wildest desires without feeling threatened. HOW VS WHAT you say Matters!
Intimacy & IllnessMaintaining physical, emotional and spiritual connection through illness is healing unto itself.  Learn how to make this work for you! 
Intimacy & Sex MagicA Retreat for Couples to Reconnect, Reignite, and Reach a deeper level of intimacy.     
JealousyHow to deal with your own feelings, where they come from and how to heal old wounds.
Love Thy Self FirstSelf-Pleasure is key for learning about your own sexuality.  There is no shame in exploring your own body and giving yourself pleasure.
Oral Skills & MoreThe Art of Using your Mouth (& hands)– Communication as well as new skills for bringing your partner to new heights of sensual pleasures.     
Sensual MovementWant to seduce your partner?  Learn lap dances and how to access your inner sex goddess.  Great Date Night Program!  Or A Ladies Night Out Class!    
Sexual AppetitesMismatched Sex Drives are common.  How to navigate and negotiate so you both are satisfied with your sexual lives.  Denial is the same as force.  There is a happy medium. 
Sexual ConfidenceLearn new and fun skills to ramp up your personal sexual confidence to enhance your sensual life.
Sexual Ebbs and FlowsLife stages affect our sexuality.  Learn what is normal and how to prepare, survive and thrive the natural ebbs and flows in life. 
Sexual FantasiesCreative Class.  Exploring why fantasy life is so valuable, healing and enhancing.  Group activity that is sure to tease the Sapiosexual in you! 
Sexual HealingSexual Trauma affects 1/5 women, 1/70 men (?). Learn how to heal and find the pearls from the trauma. 
Sexual Health ConcernsCommon and not so common Sexual Health Concerns discussed openly with options for preventing, treating & healing.
Sexual SecretsHow our secrets can create barriers to intimacy – how to deal with jealousy over past sexual experiences – how to create a safe and protected space to share your secrets with your partner. 
Sexual TaboosWhat is a Taboo for you?  We discuss how taboos are created and why they intrigue us so. 
Sexy Doesn’t Have An Expiration DateHow to survive and thrive in a youth valued culture.  “60 is the new 60, and it’s Fabulous!” 
Tantra – Today’s worldThe true meaning of Tantra and how it can be accessed to deepen your intimacy with yourself and your loved ones. 
The Art Of Erotic TouchSensual and Erotic Massage Class.  Learn the art of touch, and sensual play, to heighten pleasure     
Toys are not just for kidsSex Toy Class.  The history of sex toys and how far have we come since the first creation!  Win A Sex Toy!
You Can Last LongerHow to slow down, learn patience, simmer in your pleasures and create multiple orgasms for both men and women.  “Edging” Instruction Provided.    




Dr. Nancy shares her keen intuition for new approaches to common challenges.

Dr. Nancy is available for large and small group conferences where a new perspective on tough life issues is needed.   She uses wisdom, hope and empowerment tools to face the subjects we all struggle with health, sex, love, relationships, transitions & so much more! 

“Integrating common sense, science, knowledge, wisdom, love, non-judgment, honesty and a dose of humor”.


  • Intimacy & Communication 101 – Creating A Communication Bubble

    Intimacy & Communication 102 – The Art of Listening

    Intimacy & Communication 103 – The Art of Being Truthful

    Finding The Pearl In The Trauma

    Finding Your Bliss amidst the Chaos

    How to find, connect to and listen to your Inner Teacher

    How to Locate Your Authentic Self – And then what?

    Opening the heart to release suffering and experience joy

    Reconnecting to your body through breath and movement

    Rewriting the “Story Of You”.

    Understanding connection between thoughts, beliefs, emotions and the body.

    Understanding the connection between Responsibility and Authority

    Yoga For Better Sex

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For the past 30 years’ audiences have left Dr. Nancy’s sessions empowered and equipped with powerful life tools they could immediately implement and instantly measure their personal successes.

One participant stated, “I finally began to know the real me, and was able to make positive changes in my life I had always wanted but never able to do until now“.