Public Events

Local Events (Northern California) for women, men, and couples. Topics surround strengthening intimate relationships through a deeper understanding of human sexuality, communication styles, and the role of sexuality in our daily lives. These are respectful, professional, entertaining and engaging events for Adults (unless specified for younger audiences).

Dr. Nancy has travelled to many countries, taught aboard cruise ships and visited various cities in China to educate several hundred women about their bodies, sexual rights, shared pleasure techniques, sexual confidence and how to enjoy deeper intimacy and pleasure in their relationships.  


Being a Registered Nurse, Health & Intimacy Expert, Sensual Movement educator, as well as a Yoga Therapist, expands Dr. Nancy’s reach as a Sexologist and Conscious Living Yoga & Sexuality Specialist.                                   UPCOMING LOCAL EVENTS

What To Expect:

  • A non-clinical atmosphere yet delivery of information is professional, respectful, sensitive and practical. 
  • Non judgemental approach
  • Clear and concise information and answers to your questions.
  • A comfortable setting where you will feel safe and accepted just as you are.
  • Some events are for just one gender – some are mixed.
  • Content is for Adults Only (over 18) unless noted in description.
  • Topic Listing

  • Suggested Venues

“Sex Energy is life energy”, and this becomes very clear in any of Dr. Nancy’s seminars or retreats.  She adds spice to any conference and leaves her audience with a newfound exuberance and zest for life.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Nancy addresses topics of interest with new perspectives and attitudes. From health care trends and concerns to sexual diversity and behaviors, she can add new dimensions to your event. Add some spice for your audience and kick off your next event with pizzaz! You can also choose to take a group deeper into a new realm with one or more of Dr. Nancy's sexy-seminar and retreat topics.

Dr. Nancy has been presenting to large groups about health, happiness, sexuality and relationships for over three decades.  Her presentation style is both informative and entertaining.  She can deliver a deep and meaningful message while keeping the audience engaged and uplifted.  Her passion for passion and empowerment are palpable and contagious. 


Dr. Nancy has the ability to love on her audience to lift their spirits and leave them feeling armed with enthusiasm and knowledge.  “Knowledge Is Power”.

What To Expect:

  • Classy, educated, spicy and meaningful edutainment for your next conference or board meeting.
  • Appropriate for all adults; Men, Women, Couples or Singles.
  • Specifically tailored content for each and every audience type.
  • Topic Listing

  • Suggested Venues

Sexual energy is life energy, and this becomes very clear in any of Dr. Nancy’s seminars or retreats.  She adds spice to any conference and leaves her audience with a newfound exuberance and zest for life.

1 on 1 Session

Giving yourself the gift of a session with Dr. Nancy. She is here to help you more clearly define your desires, understand what might be interfering with your satisfaction, and create a new plan for self-empowerment and designing the life of your wildest dreams. THIS IS YOUR TIME! All sessions are provided via Skype or FaceTime.

Multi Session Package

Often times a simple sexual question can open up an array of other questions and concerns. We understand that our sexuality is a barometer for how our life in general is working out for us. Because we do understand this, Dr. Nancy offers a package of sessions so a plan of action can be co created for your best outcomes. All sessions are provided via Skype or FaceTime.


More Information Coming Soon!

Dr. Nancy is designing some very sexy seminars that will awaken your senses and open your mind.



Thank you for supporting Dr. Nancy’s counseling services.  Your donations allow her to continue her work for those less fortunate.

Dr. Nancy receives hundreds of inquiries every week for Sexological help.  Many clients are from other countries and suffer greater challenges than we can know.  They have no resources within their own communities to turn to.

While answering all requests is not possible, your donations free up time to help more people find their happiness and receive life changing, and often life saving, education and support.  

The value of her services can only be determined by those of you who receive it.

Dr. Nancy offers something unique and nontraditional in her health, sexuality & relationship coaching style.  Her approach is honest, mindful, thought-shifting and life-changing.  You are guaranteed to see things differently after just one session.

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“As a videographer, I’ve witnessed many people lecture to large groups, but I can’t think of anyone more dynamic and loving than Dr. Nancy. After seeing Nancy speak to 300+ women in China, the line afterwards to meet and greet her was wrapped around the building. Nancy has the most open and loving energy that just intoxicates a crowd.”

Robert James, Producer/Director – NuReality Productions