Public Speaking

As a videographer, I've witnessed many people lecture to large groups, but I can't think of anyone more dynamic and loving than Dr. Nancy. After seeing Nancy speak to 300+ women in China, the line afterwards to meet and greet her was wrapped around the building. Nancy has the most open and loving energy that just intoxicates a crowd.” Robert James, Producer/Director – NuReality Productions

Dr. Nancy travels to various cities in China several times a year to educate several hundred women about their bodies, sexual rights, shared pleasure techniques, sexual confidence and how to enjoy deeper intimacy and pleasure in their relationships.  Being a sensual movement educator, as well as a Yoga Therapist, expands Dr. Nancy’s reach as a Sexologist and Conscious Living Yoga Specialist.

What's Included:

  • Add some Classy, Educated and Spicy Fun to your next conference.
  • Appropriate for all adults; Men, Women, Couples or Singles.
  • An age appropriate course of Conscious Living Sexuality & Empowered Sexual Communication is available for teen groups age 13-19.
  • Topic Listing

  • Suggested Venues

Sexual energy is life energy, and this becomes very clear in one of Dr. Nancy’s courses.  She adds spice to any conference and leaves her audience with a new found exuberance and zest for life.

1 on 1 Consultation

Giving yourself the gift of a session with Dr. Nancy to help define your desires, what might be interfering with enjoying those, and design a plan you can get excited about.

1.  $150 per one-hour session *

Is your situation complicated?  Do you need a solid hour of time and possibly several sessions to get your feet under you and a plan of action enforced? This is the perfect option to make sure there is plenty of time to address your concerns and co-create a plan you can get excited about.

2.  $45 per 15-minute consultation:  

Do you have a SEX Question that:  (If you answer YES, this is a great option to the Hour long session.) 
a. Is Embarrassing?
b. Too Private to ask someone you know?
c. You’re afraid you’ll be judged?
d. You’re just curious and want an educated, non judgmental, open minded opinion?
e. You want to know, “Is This Normal?
All scheduled appointments must be paid for in advance to hold the appointment space –  This is only fair to others who are trying to gain access to Dr. Nancy and have their concerns addressed in a timely fashion too.


More Information Coming Soon!

Dr. Nancy is designing some very sexy seminars that will awaken your senses and open your mind.



Thank you for supporting Dr. Nancy's counseling services.  Your donations allow her to continue her work for those less fortunate.

Dr. Nancy receives hundreds of inquiries every week for Sexological help.  Many clients are from other countries and suffer greater challenges than we can know.  They have no resources within their own communities to turn to.

While answering all requests is not possible, your donations free up time to help more people find their happiness and receive life changing, and often life saving, education and support.  

The value of her services can only be determined by those of you who receive it.

Dr. Nancy offers something unique and nontraditional in her health, sexuality & relationship coaching style.  Her approach is honest, mindful, thought-shifting and life-changing.  You are guaranteed to see things differently after just one session.

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