Dr Nancy Sutton Pierce
Holistic, Board Certified, Clinical Sexologist

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce is available for private consultations for guidance in the following areas:   Sexuality concerns, Intimacy, Sexual Health, Designer Relationships, Improving Communication skills, Conscious Living Sexuality, How to Spice Up Your Love Life.

By Appointment Only.  Skype video conference Appointments available.

Work Experience

2006 ~ Present

Conscious Living Sexuality Conferences & Seminars offered World Wide.

Conscious Living Sexuality starts with knowing yourself intimately, then sharing with another.  It is also about communication.  Knowing what you need, want, desire, hope for ~ then being able to communicate that with someone else in a positive, loving way, is imperative for enjoying a healthy connection.

Dr. Nancy is available to speak at Health & Wellness Conferences, Mindfulness Seminars, Health and Sexuality Expos or any group interested in enhancing their knowledge and comfort with sexuality.

Please contact her directly with details.

2007 - Present

Sensual Yoga Teacher & Sex Educator
Hedonism Resorts- Runaway Bay Jamaica, Hedonism II Resort Negril, Jamaica

2008 - 2014

Author - Sexuality, Intimacy & Relationship Educator
A News Café, a Digital News Magazine

2008 – Present

Radio Talk Show Host & Health Educator
The Conscious Living Show


Yoga Teacher/Therapist/Founding CEO
House of Conscious Living Yoga


Corporate Physician Educator
Eli Lilly, Inc


Corporate Physician Educator
Pfizer, Inc.

Feb 2017

Clinical Sexologist- Guest Speaker
Sexual Health Expo Guest speaker - SHE-LA

Sexual Health Expos; New York and Los Angeles.  “Orgasms after Hysterectomy or Clitorectomy” and “Women’s Health Care Concerns”.

October 2017

Clinical Sexologist- Guest Speaker
Clinical Sexologist Educator

Naughty in LA & West Coast Couples Cruise; Los Angeles  “Hot For The Long Haul”,  “Taboos and Fantasies”, “Oral Skills”, and “You Can Last Longer”

September 2017

Clinical Sexologist- Guest Speaker
CatalystCon - LA

CatalystCon LA.  “Sexy Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date”

Sept 2016

Sexpert & Yoga Therapist
Sexycises by Sexperts - Yoga for intimacy

Co-Director and featured Sexpert with Dr. Ava Cadell as an expert yoga teacher/therapist and sensual movement educator.  Intimacy through Yin/Yang Yoga – partner yoga movement, breathing, supporting and playing.

2015 – Present

Clinical Sexologist- International Speaker
Sexy Seminars for Dr. Eros Group - Los Angeles, China and San Francisco

Teaching groups of 30-300 women the art of sensual movement, touch, and communication.  Helping women find their erotic voice to claim what is theirs and fulfill their personal desires; whether sexual, sensual or life in general.

September 2012

Creator, Curator, Producer, MC
Erotic Film Festival “Erotikos” For Women and the Men Who Adore them

An Erotic Film Festival for women and the men who adour them.  Showcasing full feature films, Short films, Documentaries and music videos from 13 countries over a week long festival.  Held at Hedonism Resort in Negril, Jamaica for the resort guests and an esteemed panel of judges.  Zalman King’s final film, “Pleasure & Pain”, won for best film feature film.


Oct 2015

Doctoral Degree in Human Sexuality
Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, Ca

The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) is the longest standing graduate program in Human Sexuality with the largest resource library in the world. Considered the “Harvard” of human sexology study, the Institute also offers professional degree programs and professional certificate courses. IASHS is located in San Francisco, CA, and is fully approved by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

June 2015

Board Certified Clinical Sexologist
American College of Sexologists

The ACS is recognized worldwide for its rigorous standards in granting certification for training in sexology and erotology. The approved schools and institutions on our comprehensive list of qualified organizations provide you with the expertise you need to fulfill our certification, which opens doors to opportunities globally in the field of sexuality. A certificate from the American College of Sexologists International means that students, interns and professionals have not only met the requirements of training, but that they are a member of a community committed to the sexual health and well-being of world citizens everywhere.

June 2015

Holistic Clinical Sexologist
Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, Ca

Working with couples and individuals in the area of human sexuality, sexual health, intimacy and relationship design.  “Intimately knowing oneself is vital before another can know you intimately.”  International Speaker and creator of Intimacy, Self Empowerment and Sexual Freedom Celebration Retreats

January 2015

Associate in Sex Education
Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

Comprehensive, Sex Positive education is imperative to protect us from harmful behaviors due to ignorance.  “Knowledge Is Protective Power”

November 2009

iRest Level I Certification, Richard Miller, PhD
Yoga based program for Pain Management & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

iRest – Integrative Restoration is a mind/body/spirit practice based on ancient Yoga Nidra principles applied to today’s wisdom.  This is highly effective for PTSD, Anxiety or Depressive Disorder, Addiction, etc.

June 2005

Yoga Therapist
Structural Yoga Therapy Certification, Mukunda Stiles, Pasadena, CA

Using the principles of yoga to holistically approach any level of suffering; be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Suffering can be better understood and used as a teaching tool for growth and a deeper, more profound healing.

December 2002

CA Certified Yoga Teacher
Iyengar Institute in San Francisco

Certified through Yoga Alliance of California

June 1987

Certified Diabetes Nurse Specialist
State of California Board of Nursing

Outpatient Diabetes Practice from 1986 to 1999 in Redding, California

Nov 1983

Degree in Nursing (RN)
Licensed in California