• I can clearly state that Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce has helped to bring her expertise as a sexologist, nurse and yoga instructor to educate the masses with her vibrant personality. Her presentations are always filled with interactive audience participation and lots of take-home value for enhancing relationships and expanding sexual horizons.

    Dr. Ava Cadell Author, Speaker & Founder of LoveUniv.com
  • Dr. Nancy came into my life at exactly the right time, as I was just beginning to explore a brand-new area of my sexuality for the first time. She offered me the advice and counsel of someone who really cared and who went out of her way to offer various ideas that were brand new to me and to my 60 years of thinking. She helped me embrace my new sexual interests and suggested that I seek like-minded people who were interested in what I was doing, and to develop a “community” in which to share my new-found interests. I will be forever grateful to her for her confidentiality and the empathy and interest she took in me while I started my new life journey into an area of my life previously unforeseen!

    DAN, 60 Public Relations Executive, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Nancy is one of the most intelligent woman I know. A great soul and a great teacher!

    Bradden Alexander CEO Canadian Playboyz & Club Eden, Calgary, Canada
  • Dr. Nancy is amazing. As a videographer, I've witnessed many people lecture to large groups, but I can't think of anyone more dynamic and loving than Nancy. After seeing Nancy speak to 300+ women in China, the line afterwards to meet and greet her was wrapped around the building. Nancy has the most open and loving energy that just intoxicates a crowd.

    Robert James Producer/Director – NuReality Productions
  • Nancy is unique in her ability to address topics that most shy away from in a way that is empowering and inspiring. She's touched so many people already & is just beginning. If you want to get to know yourself better & enjoy life more I strongly encourage you to check out her programs!

    Steve McGough Director of R&D at Human Innovations, LLC
  • I am deeply grateful to have met Dr. Nancy in 2015. She has been a dear coach and mentor to me. Her support during times of great change in one of the most delicate areas of my life has been Godsend. Her breadth and depth of experience shines through every moment of my working with her. Dr. Nancy's being expands her capacity beyond listening and facilitating personal growth, to being a loving, wise and inspiring helper and companion on one's transformation journey. I have found in her, a truly passionate soul who is a spot-on embodiment of living in alignment and flow. I am hugely honored to be part of her leading edge, visionary work, that encompasses a wide range of intimacy contexts including promoting a healthy balance of feminine and masculine energies.

    Adele M Lim Change Catalyst and Author of Live Your Whole Capacity: How to tap into and grow unknown potential in your life 
  • Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce has a very successful radio show on our station. Her show is filled with new perspectives that clearly interest a significant portion of our listeners. Her infectious humor, wit and ability to interact with numerous personalities clearly sets her aside from most. Dr. Nancy has a loyal audience based on her common-sense approach to ascertaining and quickly solving complex problems. Additionally, she is truly a singular woman who enjoys success in her personal and professional life and brings others to success.

    Carl Bott Owner at Free Fire Media Inc. @ KCNR 1460 AM
  • I grew up in a very repressive religious household where I was taught to be embarrassed of my womanhood and my sexual feelings & desires. Dr. Nancy's page and her incredible teachings have literally changed my life! She taught me to embrace my womanhood and not feel shame or disgust over what I want and need as a woman! Dr. Nancy taught me to embrace what I call our inner Cleopatra! When we pick a man to pleasure us depending on our own likes wants & needs! Thank you, Dr. Nancy, you taught me to love my inner Cleopatra!!

    Elizabeth F Faithful Fan
  • I follow your posts and love seeing your videos. Aside from being a very beautiful lady, you are very classy, educated and very sincere. The thing I love most about you is your honesty and openness. You’re not judgmental of others and you always seem to respect others who have differing opinions. Anyone can look good, but you have special traits; nice, positive attitude, educated, etc. Although I find you intriguing, I love hearing about your viewpoints. I may not have a more open lifestyle, yet I respect and agree with a lot of what you say – and boy does all that make you incredibly intriguing! I’m not sure I will have the freedom to find happiness like you seem to have found, and no I’m not unhappy with my life, but I do enjoy living vicariously through you at time. 

    A.B. Your Fan
  • My wife and I met Nancy at a conference for sex educators in New York a couple of years ago. We found her to be very open minded and affirming to people trying to learn about sexual techniques that can improve a marriage or relationship. I highly recommend her for those that seek advice that is mainstream or on the edges. John Kamp, MD; MPH

    John K

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