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Hello, This is Keith, Dr. Nancy’s Administrative Assistant.  I will be helping you today.

Dr. Nancy is available for private consultations via Skype or Zoom.  When you schedule please state which you prefer.  All appointments must be paid for at the time of booking.  She does not double book and counseling hours are limited.

Face to Face Importance.  
Dr. Nancy relies on facial expressions, body language and being able to watch a couple’s interaction with each other for her consultation sessions.  She is not available to counsel via text, email or phone calls.  This is not the highest capacity of help you deserve.

Once you have paid, please email us for your appointment time.  We understand many of our clients live internationally, therefore we do offer an array of flexible office hours to accommodate your busy lives.

15 minute consultation 

This works well for having one question answered.  If the answer requires a more detailed discussion, a separate appointment time can be scheduled

A One-Hour appointment

Perfect for more complex concerns and couples counseling.


Is your situation complicated?  Do you need more than just one hour or possibly several sessions to get your feet under you and a plan of action enforced?   This is the perfect option to make sure there is plenty of time to address your concerns and co-create a plan you can get excited about.

* Dr. Nancy’s PRACTICE TERMS & CONDITIONS Form must be completed before scheduling your appointment.

Multi Session Package Terms:  All sessions must be completed within the designated period of time.  Four sessions in six weeks, Eight sessions in ten weeks.  All packages must be paid for in advance.  No refunds on unused sessions once the term is completed.  (Exceptions would be with documented medical delay or if Dr. Nancy needed to reschedule then your contract dates would be adjusted accordingly.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to high demand for this type of guidance, all scheduled appointments must be paid for at the time of scheduling. This is a show of respect to others who are waiting for an appointment with Dr. Nancy to have their concerns addressed in a timely fashion too. 

Package A.   
$600 includes:  Four, one-hour sessions, with one email follow-up  

*Payment link

Package B.   
$1,000 includes:  Eight, one-hour sessions, with two email follow-ups 

*Payment Link

TERMS & CONDITIONS Form must be completed before scheduling your appointment.