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Valentines Oasis Retreat

February 8, 2020 - February 16, 2020


Valentines is a very special and romantic time of year.  This year do something edgy and super erotic! 

Join Dr. Nancy & Dr. Mark for an Intimacy Supercharger Week.


The Intimacy Oasis(tm) is a unique experience designed to help couples reconnect on a deeper, more honest and authentic level.  The Intimacy Oasis is a safe space to share, listen and learn about each other in ways you may not have thought possible.  You will not only understand your partner better, you will gain more insights into yourself and your relationship as well.

The first three days of your 7 night vacation are devoted to setting the stage for your Hedonism Experience to be perfectly designed for the two of you.  As an Intimacy Concierge, Dr. Nancy is able to help you each articulate what you desire, be able to openly hear each other and create a unified plan that you both feel safe and excited about.   Both she and Dr. Mark have been to Hedonism nearly 40 times so they are very familiar with the concerns, possible land mines, and necessary skills couples need in order to navigate their experience joyfully.

The final four nights and days you will have opportunity to put into practice all you have learned in The Oasis Retreat.  Communication skills, how to break the ice, how to signal each other without words, the value of honest open use of Yes and No.  You will have a clear view of the rules of engagement at Hedonism as well as within “The Lifestyle”, and so much more.

Dr. Nancy and Dr. Mark will be checking in with the couples each day to answer any questions as well as be available to counsel should things become challenging.  The challenges are viewed as positive opportunity for deeper understanding and greater intimate connection.  There is no need to fear them, we turn them into positive experiences.

The Hedonism adventure will offer opportunity to learn more about your authentic self as well as that of your partner.  No one leaves Hedo unchanged… and it’s always for the better since Hedo has the highest revisitation rate of any resort in the world!  There must be something special that keeps us all coming back year after year.

If you are interested in booking this week, Please use this HEDONISM BOOKING LINK when you decide to reserve your room.  Booking through this link is the only way Dr Nancy will know you are planning to attend the retreat.  Once you have booked she will send you more information about how to prepare for the retreat, what to pack, and help you get ready for the adventure of your life!

Contact Dr. Nancy (DrNancy@DrNSP.com)  with any questions or concerns you may have about this retreat or Hedonism Resort.


The Intimacy Oasis(tm) is a trademarked retreat developed by Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce to help couples find the way into the deepest space of intimate connection humanly possible.  Studying human beings for over three decades she has learned one thing for sure, human beings desire feeling known and loved for who they really are.  Sounds simple yet so many struggle to experience this.  The Intimacy Oasis creates this opportunity for anyone who is ready. 



February 8, 2020
February 16, 2020
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Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

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