Day at a Glance at ELR

While every year is a very different personal experience, the flow of Hedonism Resort and ELR remain relatively consistent. 

Below you will find a glance at a few days during our Exotic Lifestyle Retreat to give you some idea of what to expect and what you may discover.

When you book your trip with us you are added to a private facebook group so you can get to know other guests and the hosts before your arrival in Jamaica.  

Many women travel to this event alone and it’s reassuring to know the faces of the group so when you arrive it feels more like a reunion than a first meeting. 

The first day is always a very high energy, yet exhausting day.  Excited, nervous and tired – a great combo but we have to warn you – since this is an all inclusive resort (meaning all the booze is included) it’s very easy to over do the booze the first night.  This can end up ruining your vacation.  So alternate water/booze and get a good nights sleep that first night.  you have 7 or 8 nights to build some momentum – don’t spoil this experience. 

The first evening there is a Hedo Life 101 seminar.  This gives you the breakdown on how to navigate Hedo – the rules of engagement, how to ask for what you want and how to hold your own boundaries without apology.  Key concepts for the entire ELR philosophy.  

The daily flow of Hedonism is to sleep in a bit – get some food – go to the morning meet and greets, enjoy the sexy seminars, get some lunch, get some sun, go to pool party, take a nap, get ready for dinner, enjoy the nightly Hedo Entertainment, go to the piano bar, the disco, dance, party, laugh, play, maybe venture down to the nude pool/hot tub after midnight, have some pizza, laugh, drink, talk, play.  Fall into bed as the sun comes up – Repeat. 

ELR adds some unique components into the process since the CEO and Director happens to be me, Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, a clinical sexologist and sensual yoga therapist.  I add my special touch of personal empowerment, making consent sexy, how to ask for what you want and say no to what you don’t, among many other tantalizing topics.  

I also bring the SEXIEST ENTERTAINMENT HOSTS in the world to make sure everyone is having the best vacation ever.  They are hand picked by me and my entertainment director from all over the world.  They have to pass an interview and arrive for training the day before the event.  Our hosts understand the sensitive nature of this retreat and they must possess the compassion and understanding required, plus be very sexy and fun!

Hedonism is an Adults Only, Clothing Optional, Lifestyle Friendly, Open minded and non judgmental resort in Negril, Jamaica.  It is women ruled.  Meaning that RESPECT is key, single men are welcomed but absolutely they must follow the strict guidelines of Hedonism Resort and if they do not they are removed from the premises and banned from ever returning.  

Since Hedonism is clothing optional, photography or videography is not permitted on site.  You will notice we do not have photos of general guests posted – the only photos we show are of our hosts or guests who have signed photography waivers.  And most of our photos are taken off site during our excursions, or in isolated areas at the resort. 

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