The Oasis

The Oasis… 

In the midst of your chaos, your wonderfully busy life, can you find your very own “Intimacy Oasis”?

I’ve created an intensive, fun, engaging, interactive retreat to guide couples in creating their own Intimacy Oasis.  A place they both feel safe, respected, heard, adored, and free to be authentic.

The Oasis Couples Retreat has evolved over the past three decades from my own relationships, time on my yoga mat, years of studying ancient tantra practices, as well as my formal nursing then doctoral education in the art and science of human sexuality, health and intimate communication. 

What we know for sure is that relationships able to achieve a strong foundation of trust and respect have the best opportunity to go to a new level of intimate connection and relationship satisfaction.  Although many would love to have this type of relationship, how to achieve this is not always intuitive or demonstrated by the example relationships in one’s life.

The process of The Oasis is taught over multiple days and nights in a retreat setting that builds a powerful foundation through fun and practical communication techniques, partner yoga (sexycises), collaborative building activities, nightly pillow-talk assignments, and many more guided experiences that leave the couple feeling pampered, prepared and practiced to use these sexy new skills in their daily lives.

Who is this for?

Three Important questions for you…

Have you ever felt there was more to discover about your partner yet felt a block or feel uncertain how to accomplish this? 

Is your relationship pretty good but you’ve each developed some unhealthy communication habits that sting?

Is your sex life ok yet one or both of you would like more spice & passion?

You’re not alone. 

Keeping relationships healthy, hot & interesting for the long haul isn’t something we’re taught much about. Our parents may have led us to believe it’s not possible, our culture may have never addressed it, or we believed the myths passed down as jokes about sexless marriages or “the ball and chain”. 

Often it’s our childhood idea of relationships held as truths into our adulthood that misguide us. The Oasis is designed for couples to create a safe place for each to discover then reveal their authentic selves. There are very specific guidelines the couples will follow that allow for openness, compassionate listening, supportive activities, letting go of judgments, and creating a new relationship design both people find exciting, freeing, & fulfilling.

When we can understand ourselves intimately , we can then be understood by another intimately. This is a basic human need, to feel heard, known & loved for our authentic self.

Let’s create a unique Intimacy Oasis Retreat and light your love on fire in the most passionate ways! 

How does The Oasis work?

The Oasis can be used in everyday conversations and it is a powerful tool for when a delicate topic needs to be discussed that might hold some emotional weight, be a new reveal, a shared desire to only be heard and not debated, for presenting a new idea or wish, and to ask for a change of any kind.  It can be about the kids, your relationship, your dreams, your family or your sex life. Any and all topics can be more comfortably shared when on your own Oasis.

The communication techniques are simple yet profound. They give each person a clear path for gaining a deeper understanding of their partner, as well as a place to reveal personal truths without fear of judgment, shame or rejection.

During The Oasis Retreat there is a portion designed for unlearning unhealthy communication habits, and then learning new ways of being present for our most cherished loved ones which  offers a feeling of safety, acceptance and heartfelt compassion.  When we feel safe and loved, the magic is free to flow!

Each Oasis Retreat is comprised of 6-10 couples for a long weekend beginning on Friday afternoon and ending late Sunday afternoon.  There is an annual week-long retreat offered during Valentine’s week in Jamaica for the more adventurous couples.  For those looking for longer retreats more locally, please contact us and we might be able to create something to meet your needs.

The package prices include;  lodging, meals, snacks, beverages, sessions, practices and planned experiences.  Transportation and any outside excursions or services required will be additional.

For more information about attending The Oasis Intimacy Retreat, contact Dr. Nancy with a brief paragraph as to what you both are looking for so she can guide you to the best situation.

Or you may Contact Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce for a free 15-minute interview to learn more about the intimate design you both are seeking so she can best guide you to the retreat of your dreams!

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce is a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, Sensual Yoga Therapist, International Speaker, Retreat and Couples Intimacy Concierge, Author and TV/Radio Personality. 

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