Value Of The P-A-U-S-E

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June 3, 2017

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By Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

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Today’s Topic:  The Value Of the P-A-U-S-E

Segment 1:  Now more than ever we need to show self-restraint.  In yoga, we call this the PAUSE.  In the breath, it’s known as the Kumbaca – and this translates to CUP or Holder of Prana – life energy.

Think about the times you have blurted out or rapidly responded with a knee jerk reaction.  How did that feel?  What did your body feel like?  Your Heart?  Did you replay it many times and think of ways in which you could have responded differently?  How would you have changed your responses?

Segment 2; The difference between a Decision and a Reaction.

Knee Jerk Response (like the Knee Reflex) isn’t coming from a place of Higher Consciousness.  IT is primal and often from the space of lacking, fear, ego, primal protection, emotional response.

A Decision is from fact based analysis and conscious consideration of consequences.  Think Before You React.

Segment 3:  Why is this so important now?

Segment 4:  How can we retrain ourselves? 

Meditation, mindfulness practice, the old-fashioned count to ten, make a pact you won’t respond for 24 hours, Come from a place of love.

Kathy Griffin’s Video as an example… and the results.

“We are all responsible for designing our lives and relationships.  Once we connect to our heart’s desire, we are better equipped to do just that!” – Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

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