The Effect of Technology on Relationships

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April 15, 2017

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By Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

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April 15, 2017
Topic: How Technology Effects Our Relationships

Segment 1:  Busy lives and the cyber lives we live.  What is happening to the newer generations?  Face to face VS Face to Screen.  Why are people using On Line Dating now?  How well is it working? 

Question for my listeners – How are people different behind the screen VS Face to Face?

Segment 2:  Real live Relationships;  This is where are more valuable learning is.  We are pushing it away.  More isolation, more loneliness more depression. 

Segment 3:  What we get from being in the physical presence that we cannot get from a screen or text.  What about our senses?  We are human BEINGS not Human DOINGS.  We need to have physical contact since it is the body that we are housed in and requires watering and feeding.

Segment 4:   What shall we do? 

  • Make dates to DO something with your friends.


  • Look INTO people’s eyes when you talk to them or they are speaking to you.

  • Make a deal with yourself…. When you are WITH people. PUT YOUR ELECTRONICS OUT OF SITE. TURN THEM OFF.  We survived just fine without them as kids – our kids will too for a few minutes out of the day.

  • Get massages

  • Host more parties with a box at the door for phones.

  • Cuddle more with your kids

  • Go Out Side

  • Set timer to move away from computer every hour. Drink More water – it will help you remember to get up 😉

In Conclusion… This is the society we live in, the one-way, fast-track society we are immersed in. It is a byproduct of the Internet, of mass communication and information. We are slowly losing our humanity, our interests outside of the Internet, losing our ability to think and discover. Discovering what someone else has already found isn’t discovery — it is regurgitating what is already known.

Humanity needs thinkers, free from the trend of relying on technology. We are approaching the unknown everyday, making technological advances we believe will make our lives better, but they will not make us better. 


  • . The Doctors, Dr. Nancy & Dr. Mark, will be here sharing their Yin/Yang philosphies and attitudes about many interesting topics!
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Keeping Life fascinating, Dr. Nancy


“We are all responsible for designing our lives and relationships.  Once we connect to our heart’s desire, we are better equipped to do just that!” – Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

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