Dana Preshous ~ Psychic Medium

The Conscious Living Show

April 8, 2017

Dana Preshous, A Certified Psychic Medium, Healer.

By Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

Dana Preshous returns to share her gifts and healing talents with our listening audience.  In between the call-ins, Dana share more of her journey as a trained, certified and verified Psychic Medium.

“This is a very part of me. Everyone has a certain level of ability and it is merely a choice whether or not we all want to tap into this natural connection. We are all part of God Source Energy and it is your right to develop and understand the wisdom that you naturally inherit before you are even born. We are all of light and we are free to be one with all source at any given time.” – Dana 

Join us for some inspiring insights into the world of mediumship and how these skills are used to help people heal beyond the body.  Tune into the podcast, and if you find yourself inspired and asking some tough questions… set up a private session with Dana!  She is amazing. 

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