March 11th 2017 – A Psychic Faire “The Healing Path is Plentiful”

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March 11, 2017

Topic: A Psychic Faire – The Healing Path is Plentiful

How do you define Health & Wellness?  What is your belief model?  Are we just a body?  How do various health care modalities fit into your personal framework?

Today at the House of Conscious Living Yoga we hosted our first PSYCHIC FAIRE.  I stopped by after my show and met 9 fascinating people who lovingly came to transform the studio into a beautiful healing sanctuary.  Thank you to Sandra and Ava for creating this beautiful event and to all those who participated as a healer and guest.  We are eternally grateful to you all.


Sandra Jennings is an Astrologer.  

Her love of the study of astrology began over 40 years ago.  Accompanying this may have been her independent study into yoga, meditation, psychic phenomena and psychology, mathematics, science, astrology and astro-archaeology, ancient civilizations and their beliefs.  She incorporates all of these interests into a multi-layered approach to astrological readings.

You can register for Sandra’s Astrology Classes held three Wednesday evenings each month at the House of Conscious Living Yoga by email:  or Phone: (530) 410-3702

Ava Malinovsky is a Psychic Medium.  

Ava is a certified psychic medium through Zenith School of Metaphysical Studies and Higher Source International.  Through her heartfelt compassion and loving intention, she is able to connect with loved ones who have passed over.  Ultimately bridging the gap…… between the living and the spirit world.

Ava’s abilities have only surfaced within the last few years.  Please know that the grieving process is different for everyone.  Losing her own father (and now her mother) many years ago left an emptiness deep in her heart.  With this sadness, also came thoughts of wonderful, happy memories.

When you book a reading on the Rates page, Ava will use her newfound abilities to bring messages, confirmations and peace of mind to people who have been  looking for answers and…..much needed healing.   She would love for you to be a part of her journey.

You can reach Ava on Facebook, her Website, or Email



Talia Scherquist is an independant distributor and educator for Young Living Essential Oils.  

She is passionate about health, happiness and healing and is excited to share this passion with anyone interested in enjoying a higher quality life.

Talia will be presenting a Workshop at the House of Conscious Living Yoga on Sunday March 26th from 11a-1pm.  Please contact Talia to Register at (530) 966-3625 or EMAIL.  Please See Seminar FLYER

Connect with Talia to purchase Young Living Essential Oils



Mikaelah Cordeo, Ph.D: Spiritual author, healer, teacher, mystic and Messenger for the Ascended Hosts of Light. She has been a devotee of Mother Mary and Jesus since childhood and worked directly with the Ascended Masters since 1986 when she began intensive training under their personal direction. Awakening to her own spiritual gifts, she embodies her God/Goddess Self, offers Star Nation Light Body Activations and  Initiatic/Ascension assistance to those who are ready, and shares her gifts through numerous books, classes and  private sessions.  She offers private sessions in person in Mount Shasta, California or by phone. Mikaelah has over 30 years professional experience and is also trained in multiple healing modalities which are woven into all that she does.  EMAIL (928) 301-8705



Marcie Lancaster is a Reiki Master and teacher.  

Reiki is a Japanese energy based technique for stress and tension reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Its origins go back to ancient Tibetan Buddhism.

Reiki was developed by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui in 1922.  It uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands-on-healing.

Reiki services at the Center for Meditative and Healing Arts are provided by Reiki Master/Teacher, Marcie Lancaster.

For appointments and more information call Marcie at (530) 515-9691 or email Marcie


Katy Redmon is a trained Hypnotherapist.

Katy Redmon is a Certified Hypnotherapist.  She works in her private practice doing Clinical Hypnosis and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  She specializes in Past Life Regression Therapy and is a certified teacher of the 15th Step process.

Her passion is to assist people in changing their thinking, so they can change their lives for the better.  She guides people to re-script their lives in order to be free from the past.

In hypnotherapy, you allow yourself to bypass your conscious mind and work with your subconscious mind for your healing. I do not make you do anything you do not want to do; I guide you. There is no laying-on of hands, no massage. There are no physical instruments to use. There is you, who – at your inner core – wants change, and the hypnotherapist who guides you.

If, at your inner core, you want change for the better; feel free to call Katy so you can talk about hypnotherapy. It may be right for you.  Reach Katy 



Jeannette & G (Jeannette, the President of NorCal Dowsers is pictured here with Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, Founding Owner of The Conscious Living Yoga Studio).

The Northern California Dowsers (who received the American Society of Dowsers’ Outstanding Chapter 2016 Award) are presenting a speaker on Sunday March 19, 2017 1:30pm at the Shasta County Library featuring Sharon Daphna speaking on “Reclaiming Our World With Orgone Energy”.  They are asking for a min $5 donation (if one can afford it).


Nakala Feb 20 2016 (1)Nakala Akasie is a contemporary Pleiadian Messenger, channel,  and author of When Angels Speak: The Awakening: A Pleiadian Endeavor (under the pen name Jackie Mullinax) and the series entitled The Accounts of a Pleiadian Traveler.  She currently resides near the spiritual center of Mt. Shasta, California to act as a bridge for the Higher Realms of Light during the planetary and cosmic shifts taking place.

Nakala began her work as a channel in 2008 and with the Pleiadian group. Nakala joins others who travel the realms of Light in assisting people in their creative process and healing of different issues through her group, individual channeled readings, as well as her presentations and workshops on communicating with your spirit guides.

Nakala is a mother and grandmother, gardener, artist, is married to Raymond Fuller and lives in Weed, California.  Contact Nakala at 530-566-7890 . Email .  Visit her Blog


Ray El is offering Channeled Readings.

Ray El’s channeled readings are offered in a warm and compassionate manner with great clarity and wisdom.  By Appointment – Thursday afternoons at the “Silk Road Chai Shop” 105 E. Alma St, Mt. Shasta

Contact Ray El to make an appointment – (530) 925-4367 or



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