Jan 8, 2017 – Organization VS Chaos

Drs Nancy Sutton Pierce & Mark Pierce discuss the effects of living in Chaos as well as excessive organization.  

Can you be too organized?  What does it feel like to live in chaos much of the time?  Can you find a balance?  Let’s chat about it!

Why does being organized feel so good?  What happens when we get disorganized?  

Feng Shui – how does that fit into our topic today?

Balance VS Obsession

Are you a perpetual organizer?  Does this feel like a burden?

Where to begin….

  • Section things off – Easiest to hardest
  • Sense of accomplishment (Pay lowest balance bill first)

Risk of disorganization is lack of mental down time or a PAUSE. 

Benefits of taking a P-A-U-S-E

Vacations… do you take them?  Why we need them for our health and happiness

How Organization benefits our lives.

NEXT WEEK:  Meditation… Why, How, When, and more!

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