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November 26, 2016

Chat With Dr. Nancy

By Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

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Waking up to your life!  
You Host Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce
November 26, 2016

Today’s Topic:   Conscious Responses

Segment 1. 

-How do we respond to…

  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Distrust
  • Anger
  • Betrayal
  •  Injustice
  • Incompetence
  • Ignorance
  • Being cut off in traffic or someone driving too slow for your liking.

-Do you have just ONE RPM for Responding?  0-60?  Or do you have a scale of responses more in line with the degree of strife?

  • Reactions can be:  Aggressive/Patient, Passive/Supportive, Passive-Aggressive/Actively Kind, cruel/loving, Judgmental/compassionate, Victim mentality/Understanding it’s not about you.
  • Which do you choose and have you ever stopped to notice how these reaction habits affect YOU physically?  Emotionally?  Energetically?  Spiritually?

Segment 2.  

-Pausing to notice HOW you respond and what your KNEE JERK Reactions are to these stressors.

  • Notice when you feel the most vulnerable or susceptible to aggressive reacting.

Segment 3. 

-For every action there is a reaction.

  • No action has a neutral effect.
  • Do you have a clear intention?
  • Have you followed out the possible chain of events in your mind FIRST?
  • Is your intention to HELP OR HURT?  Is that realistic?

Examples –

  • The election results
  • Abortion
  • Sherri Papini’s abduction

Segment 4.
-Conscious Responsiveness Retraining Program.

Start with the small things:

  • Driving for example:
  • Practice conscious Breathing
  • Notice what story you tell yourself “This person is messing with me”, Why are they doing this to ME” The Victim mentality.

-Practice your new craft so you are not a victim of your own habits and beliefs that are harmful to You.

“We are all responsible for designing our lives and relationships.  Once we connect to our heart’s desire, we are better equipped to do just that!” – Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

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