First Interview with Dana Preshous

The Conscious Living Show

December 3, 2016

Dana Preshous ~ Psychic Medium

By Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

TOPIC: Interview with Dana Preshous (pronounced Donna Precious)

About Dana Preshous

Originally from a small town outside of London England, Dana now resides in North Carolina, USA. Dana works within the US as well as other countries working as a Psychic Medium, Public Speaker and Teacher of Self-Development Workshops, in addition to being a Psychic Medium; Dana is also certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and you can find her teaching upcoming classes within the NC State area.

Dana was one of twenty students to be hand picked by well renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams. Dana was tested in Lillydale, NY and is now certified by LWISSD (Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.)

Dana Preshous is also a writer and is currently working on her second publication. You can also take a look at some of Dana’s channeling work that is available on the meditation CD as well as other channeled messages that you can find on her Youtube channel.

Dana has ultimately come to a place of full faith and belief in her own journey as a light worker and believes that everyone has their own psychic ability and that with a little bit of practice we can all connect to our divine guidance system which will aid us in all our lives.

“This is a very part of me. Everyone has a certain level of ability and it is merely a choice whether or not we all want to tap into this natural connection. We are all part of God Source Energy and it is your right to develop and understand the wisdom that you naturally inherit before you are even born. We are all of light and we are free to be one with all source at any given time.” – Dana Preshous

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