Keeping It Hot for the Long Haul

My husband and I have been loving each other since 1986.  We were dear friends for several years before that. Now over thirty years late and we are still being crazy in love (and lust) for each other.  We have paid close attention to what it means to KEEP LIFE SPICY!

Since the beginning of our romantic relationship we made it a priority to set aside at least one date night a week.  While raising our kids, this was critical to keeping our love affair hot.  We also had to learn how to stay up later than our teens (a habit we have yet to break), so we could enjoy our “private time” once they were asleep.

We have also spiced things up with being playful, adventurous, inquisitive, creative and willing to step out of our comfort zones to keep the SPICE level high.  We have approached our relationship not as something to fix,  but as a way to keep that youthful, playful, high energy spirit alive between US.

Over the years we have counseled couples who didn’t put their “sexual time” on their priority list from the start.  This can work when both people agree 100%.  The problem is that rarely is that the case – and the one who is half ok with that part of their life being less of a priority,  can often feel like they are missing out on something important and like they are being punished.

The best prevention for this happening is to keep the lines of communication open… be willing to ask each other what you want, need, desire, yearn for, etc.  See The Oasis. 

After all, if you both do this, you are bound to find new ways of pleasing each other, and believe me that is always a Win-Win proposition.

Make a sexy date with your partner and talk about new ways to keep Your Relationship Hot For The Long Haul!

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