As You Desire – Exotic/Erotic Vacations

Have you ever wanted to take your partner away for a wildly erotic and exotic vacation – adults only – no children anywhere in sight – a place you can dress sexy, be sexy, canoodle all you want – dance into the wee hours of the night, take a moonlight skinny dip and sleep til noon without a care in the world?

Have you ever wanted to spend a week with other couples who are friendly, welcoming, non-judgmental and just want to have a grown up fun sexy vacation too?

There are such places – and their numbers are growing fast!  We are living in a very busy time – raising kids, working, paying bills, trying to balance it all – and once in awhile you just want to escape and be pampered and feel that vibrancy and sexy couple-ness you once shared.  Here are a few recommendations for you – I have more coming soon – Follow the links to learn more about these delicious lands of Exotic/Erotic Vacationing!  I can tell you it WILL put the SPICE back into your relationship – whether you lost it somewhere on your life journey or it’s been drowned out by kids and jobs – you WILL rediscover the fire you once enjoyed…  Something for the bucket list…. If you know of these or other places, please share in the comments!

Intimately Yours,

Dr. Nancy


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